Why Gold Is Our New Black

For most independent retailers, Black Friday can feel like a heavy dark cloud hanging over our heads, we cant wait for it to pass.  This is the day, or week as it’s now become, where we see lots of big retailers slashing prices before Christmas.  Matching this type of price cutting selling tool would be […]

Meet Chrissie winner of The Best House in Town

The Best House In town – I know this might seem like ages ago now but I’m so not bored of it yet and you know why? No, it’s not because I was in it, I am proud of that but not totally egotistical!  It because of all the new people I’m meeting;  from budding […]

The Best House In Town

And here I am the day after the week before and I’m in a reflective mood. I’ve had lots of people asking me all about my premiere as a St Albans judge on The Best House In Town which was shown last week on BBC1. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you […]

Vote For Our Christmas Window, it means so much.

It’s always nice to hear your lovely comments about our Christmas windows, we do try really hard to make them eye catching and engaging. This year we had to think especially hard with the terrible year that retail has seen: we had our “Christmas Party” window which saw our fishnet adorned pair of legs getting […]

Cosying Up For Winter

Edgy florals and embracing the dark side in all things interior have been present for a little while now and its 2 trends I absolutely adore, but the Summer sun made me lean more towards the tropical and botanical but now the nights are drawing in and the days are colder, I’m wholly embracing all things dark and […]

Craft Your Way To Positivity

As it was mental health awareness week last week, there have been strong focuses on mental wellbeing all around and so, I too, am thinking about mindfulness and how we can all find ways to remain relaxed and positive in such a busy world. So it seems perfect timing to feature Liz Chan, Cositas Workshop Coordinator and Workshop Leader of Say […]

It’s All New, New, New

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When we opened last February it wasn’t snowing and spring seemed to come early – not this year but that isn’t the only new thing for us at Cositas.  After celebrating our first birthday we have so much that’s new to share with you. Cositas Customised Furniture Our in house team have been crafting a […]

Look back over 2017….

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Wow, would you look at that year go by so fast!!  And what a year it’s been for us at Cositas! We were met with a wonderful response when we first opened our doors in February and have been going strong since then. This is my first business so I still have a lot to […]