Colour: Malibu

We are so proud to now stock and supply Bauwerk limewash paint in Cositas. Bauwerk limewash is a beautiful mineral-based natural paint suitable for most interior and exterior walls that has graced many interior influencer’s instagram accounts and pages of countless interiors magazines.

Bauwerk’s unique finish comes from its make up; light refracting crystals within the structure of lime gives limewash painted surfaces a distinctive finish and glow. It works beautifully in contemporary spaces just as much as traditional ones.

Photo credits: Mallorca, Bauwerk Colour & Oh Hedwig. Climbing Rose, Bauwerk Colour & Team Tonkin.

Limewash is made from calcium carbonate- a naturally occurring mineral found in limestone and sea shells. It is made into a putty by slaking it in water over many months before being aged over years. Once properly aged, water is used to dilute the putty to create limewash. Natural earth pigments are later added to create an endless array of colours. For more inspiration check out @Bauwerkcolour on Instagram.

Come into the shop to see the paint on our walls, browse the colour book to see the range of gorgeous colours and to order your samples or paint for your project.