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This oil is great for those that suffer from chemical sensitivities and can not use solvent based products. The odour of this oil is much like crushed walnuts.This oil is a great environmentally friendly locally produced with no additives or preservatives.

This is different than the oil in the health food stores only in so far as we have put the oil through a process which allows the oil to completely dry on its own, without the use of added chemicals or dryers.

This oil will darken and richen the wood with a soft luster. Generally the older the wood the more it will darken it. This will vary based on the type of wood and the age of the wood. It is highly recommended to try a small amount on an area to find out how your project will look with this application.

Used inside this food-safe oil finish is perfect to use in the kitchen on wooden cutting boards, wooden utensils or stone. Also provides a wonderful finish for flooring.

It penetrates to protect from the inside out. This oil does not leave a surface film that will chip or scratch.

The oil will feel dry to the touch one day after the initial application, however complete drying can be several days. For example if there is too much oil initially applied, then small amounts of oil may rise over the first few days. This can be avoided by wiping the excess away with a cloth. If used on a floor during this time it is recommended to place some cardboard pieces where there will be a lot of foot traffic. Dirty shoes should be kept off for at least two weeks.

500 ml – Covers approximately 80 square feet

Coverage will vary taking into consideration what the oil is being applied to. For example, a previously oiled surface will require very little oil, where as bare wood will require more.

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Fusion™ is produced by Canadian company Homestead House Paint Co. which began its life as a reproduction furniture manufacturer that found a need to create its own authentic milk paints to replicate old world finishes. Fusion™ has taken over 10 years to develop, test and refine. It is a matte acrylic paint that requires minimal prep work and delivers an exceptional matte finish.  Fusion™’s results are nothing less than spectacular, providing furniture painters a best-in-class paint that features an environmentally conscious formulation, virtually zero VOCs, superior durability, easy one-step application and significantly improved strength.

  1.  APPLICATION: Follow our directions carefully and Fusion™ can be applied to most previously painted or coated surfaces without priming or significant prep work.
  2.  NO TOP COAT: Fusion™ is formulated with a built in top coat, the 100% acrylic resin. You do not need to use a top coat for water permanency.
  3.  COVERAGE: Fusion™ paint offers coverage of 75 sq ft per 500ml pot. In many cases, one coat is all you need.
  4.  DURABILITY: Once Fusion™ has cured, it yields a highly durable and washable finish. You can achieve different finishes by adding a Beeswax on top or the Tough Coat Finish. Fusion™ is dry to the touch after 2 hours and can accept a re-coat after 4 hours. Cure time with all acrylic paints is 21 days, however painted surfaces can be used gently after 24 to 48 hours of drying time.
  5.  SHEEN: Fusion™ is offered in a matte finish. This means an almost zero reflectance value that allows you to achieve a beautiful smooth finish.
  6.  DISTRESS:  You can distress the paint, although we recommend distressing soon after the paint has dried. It is very durable, so achieving the same result is tad more work after it has cured. It is recommended to apply a top coat when you distress because you will break open the surface and a top coat will be necessary to prevent water damage and continued distressing through extensive wear and tear.

The Classic Collection contains 26 colours, with other colours available in Tones For Tots, Metallics  and The Penney & Co Collection.

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