It’s always nice to hear your lovely comments about our Christmas windows, we do try really hard to make them eye catching and engaging. This year we had to think especially hard with the terrible year that retail has seen: we had our “Christmas Party” window which saw our fishnet adorned pair of legs getting up to more mischief and this year she was swinging on one of our giant wreaths.

Our 🎄 “Christmas Forest” window sees our signature festive snowy scene and the letterbox lends a nod back to when things weren’t so electronic. The tumbling, frosted ivy on the lights and the animals made from rich, luxe fabrics and adornments add a beautiful touch of magic! 🎄

Our last window was designed to be interactive and engaging. We splashed out on a bespoke cut out board which has seen many laughing faces photographed this Christmas! 🥳 ❤️We also launched “A Thought For Christmas” where you buy a snowflake for 50p which is donated to Homestart and you write the name of someone you’re thinking of this Christmas. The more Thoughts For Christmas there are, the more of a spectacle our ceiling becomes and the more money we raise for charity. Winner, winner Christmas Dinner! ❤️ This year you all have to opportunity to vote for your favourite Christmas Window in a competition launched by St Albans BID You have the chance to win a £100 St Albans Gift Card and I have the chance to win £1,000 of marketing from our local radio and newspaper. I’m going to be honest, taking part has been fun and has given us the chance to showcase our creativity (all of which was done by Sally, Clive and me), but to win would be so helpful for Cositas. As a small business we are lucky to be able to react to the changes the High Street is facing quickly. And the first budget to be cut was our marketing budget, which of course in this tricky retail climate is ideally something that I’d really love to putting everything into. This will really help get us back in the game and kickstart our updated website, virtual shopping experience, blog and more exciting stuff that I can’t say anything about just yet 🤐 but CANNOT WAIT to tell you about. The opportunity to have strong marketing behind me when I can spill the beans will be a huge asset. So there’s me being honest and letting you know that we could really use the cash injection, but having said that, we take so much pride in our shop and we know that we always give everything to our windows in a bid to lure as many people as possible down to see us on Holywell Hill, and seeing how much pleasure it’s brought you is such a thrill. If you’ve enjoyed our windows this year I’d be soooo grateful if you could pop over to the Enjoy St Albans website to vote for us. It doesn’t take long and voting closes on the 7th, so there isn’t long. Vote here.

Thank you so much!